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Road is the commonest means of transportation in Ghana as compared to other means such as air, rail and water transport. Despite the happiness and change of quality of family lives associated with owning a vehicle, its possession has made so many families bereaved of their breadwinners or love ones due to unprecedented rate of road traffic accidents.

An accident is defined in the Encarta English dictionary as “a crash” (an incident involving a moving vehicle that results in property damage, personal injury or death)

Road accident is a global tragedy with ever rising trend and it is identified as one of the major causes of deaths in the country. It is rather unfortunate that a lot of human resources in Ghana are lost through this means. They are common faire in our daily news as we see these accidents happening almost every day. It is rather unfortunate that a lot of our human resources as Ghanaians are lost through road accidents.

According to the statistical record, five hundred and twenty people (520) died in road crashes in 3,512 accidents nationwide in the first quarter of 2014.

In addition 3,301 people sustained various degrees of injuries in the process. According to statistics from the National Road Safety Commission, the Greater Accra Region recorded the highest number of accidents with 1,336 while the Upper East Region recorded the lowest with 35 cases. (Appiah, S. May 2014). Publication Research. Published in General news; Graphic online.)

Statistics show that four people die daily on Ghanaian roads due to road accidents with more than 1,600 deaths. The loss correlates to 1.7% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) announced in 2010 that there were 19 fatalities per 10,000 vehicles in Ghana. Statistics shows that, 43% of the fatalities involved pedestrians and 53% involved occupants of vehicles. 23% of all pedestrian fatalities involved children below the ages of 16 years. The major cause of road accidents in Ghana is due to human factor such as speeding. Some other causes include overloading, driver fatigue and many more.

The unpleasant part of it all is that most of the people who are killed by road accidents are those individuals within the age group of which it constitute the work force of the country.

Road accidents cost the world an amount of US$518 billion annually. It is estimated that if nothing is done globally to curtail the rampant nature of road accidents and most especially the causes of deaths or casualties before they are sent to hospitals, then by the year 2020, 1.9 million people will be killed by road accidents in the world, (World Health Organization, 2011).


There are so many definite causes of road accidents in Ghana which spin to diminish a growing population. Some of these causes will be highlighted into three categories. These are human factors, mechanical factors and environmental factors.


The majority of road crashes in the country are caused by human error. Research has shown that, driver error accounts for over 80 % of all fatal and injuries crashes on most of our roads.

The main causes of death and injuries on our roads remain over speeding, improper training, attitude of some passengers, behaviour of pedestrians, unprofessional mechanics, unprofessional behaviour of some Police Officers, overloading of vehicles and many more.


It is recorded that most of the accidents that occur on our roads are due to speeding of vehicles. This attitude of drivers or motorist exceeding the posted speed limit endangers the lives of pedestrians and hence, the absence of caution can create an accident.

Mostly, drivers do not slow down when the need arises and they go above 50 km in towns and villages. In addition to that, they do not slow down when negotiating a curve and then causing panic among pedestrians.

Improper Training

One cannot discuss causes of road accident without mentioning lack of proper training of drivers. Most of the drivers who ply the various roads in the country do not really enrol themselves in proper driving schools or seek assistance from the right institutions. This deviant attitude do not enable drivers gain an in-depth practical and knowledgeable skills about driving. Such people (drivers) abuse road usage, thus, violating traffic regulations. Others too may ignore, which may cause carnage on our roads. In addition to the above, some drivers express signs of lassitude which they intend to ignore. They sleep behind the steering wheel and are unable to control themselves. Discounting lives and properties in the car, they run into any obstacle and terminate innocent souls.

Attitude of some passengers

The role of passengers also contributes to the causes of road accident. The bad attitude of passengers engaging drivers at certain point unusually, conversation, sometimes gears off the attention of the driver and hence collision can occur. The attitude of asking the driver to speed and frustrate him with series of insults and argument may or can cause an accident.

Behaviour of pedestrians

Pedestrians are also part of the factors to be considered when accidents occur. At most cases, major streets have been provided with pedestrian’s walkways and over-head bridges; yet some individuals prefer to walk on the main street. In a driver’s bid to avoid running over these pedestrians, an accident may occur; “all things being equal”.

Unprofessional Mechanics

The attitude of some individual mechanics that have little or no knowledge about car maintenance and repair can partially be blamed or considered as part of the causes of road accident. These unprofessional activities by mechanics that repair and maintain vehicles in this country leave much to be desired. Some of these mechanics do not seek formal training and yet they claim to be professionals and do not work to world’s standard. Their activities are not governed by any formal training or whatsoever and these groups of unprofessional mechanics are not duly checked and certified by the appropriate institutions or bodies. The cars fixed by these unprofessional mechanics may generate faults whiles driving and may cause an accident. To add up, the fixing of artificial seats in cargo cars that have been turned into passenger buses in Ghana is one of the major contributing factors. For instance, a popular vehicle in Ghana called “207” has claimed more lives than expected. These cars easily generate faults whiles driving. The technical skills needed to identify the required tools for fixing operations of problems of these cars are void. In Ghana for instance, most of the two known place responsible for assembling and fixing of cars are Suame Magazine in Kumasi and Abossey Okai in Accra. In as much as these groups are contributing to national development, their profession and activities must be constantly checked by the right institutions.

Overloading of vehicles

Most drivers of heavy trucks and passenger vehicles overlook the weight and carriage limits of their trucks. These cars are packed heavily to the extent of exceeding the actual weight limit. These cars break down on the highways, leaving the safeness of road users.


This is also considered as one of the ways of causing accidents on our roads. Brakes failure, tyre burst, wipers, head light and tail light, steering and broken down vehicles on the road without adequate warning signs are all possible mechanical factors which accounts for the increasing rate of road accidents.


Bad breaks are one of the most serious and common mechanical failures that causes car accidents. Brake pads wear down over time, and some drivers wait far too long to replace them. There are also many reports of leaking brake fluid lines and malfunctioning ABS systems that cause breaks to fail. If a driver cannot stop a moving vehicle safely, it won’t be long until an accident ensues.


Tyre blowouts or even worn tyres are also a common “mechanical” failure on a car. Tyres are meant to provide proper traction for cornering and to keep ones car on the road. When tread gets worn down, or tyres lack adequate inflation, they lose their ability to hold the road properly. Especially when road conditions are questionable; for instance rain.


Rainy and dust winds conditions make driving much more difficult, and it is important that you have properly working windshield wipers. If the motors controlling a car’s wipers malfunction in the middle of driving through a rain or dust wind, a driver can lose visibility quite fast, and accidents can result. It can happen almost instantaneously, and if the driver is in the middle of moving at a fast speed, the likelihood of an accident can be quite high.

Head Lights and Tail Lights

A much higher percentage of accidents happen at night than during the day, when visibility is down, and drivers depend on lights to help them see. If a vehicle has dim or broken headlights, tail lights, brake lights or blinkers, it can be very hard for a driver to see. If a driver’s tail lights or brake lights are out, it’s not too hard to imagine a rear ending either at night or in the day time. If a blinker is not working properly, and a driver makes a turn, other drivers might not see and collisions can happen. It’s important to make a visual inspection of all lights at least once a week to be safe.


Failed steering systems are also a major cause of automobile accidents. There are so many components that make up a car’s steering system and they are all prone to fail. Mechanical failure in steering linkages, ball joints, tie rods and power steering fluid lines can lead to accidents. If a driver loses control of a steering, the vehicle can capsize and accident occurs.



This is due to the fact that, accident occurs by way of natural phenomenon. Most of the accidents that occur duly happen at certain period of the year. One example of the environmental factors includes poor weather condition.

Weather condition

An accident may occur because of the unfavourable weather condition at a particular period. Some example of the unfavourable weather condition which may result in an accident is rainfall and fog. Heavy down pour of rains enable drivers not to have easy access to road usage. Floods engulf the street by way of these heavy down pour and thus, making movement of vehicles and other automobiles difficult. Roads also become slippery and are not easily access by all road users. The least error committed results into road crash. Fog is another poor weather condition that causes accident. Mostly drivers are unable to see ahead of them because of heavy fog which comes by way of vapour in the atmosphere. This fog increases the poor visibility of the drivers and then causing accidents.


The consequences of road accidents are anti-development, loss of properties and lives, and many others.

One of the effects of road crash is the creation of orphans and single parenting. Some children become victims of orphans and single parenting and hence, are left with nobody to whom they are catered for. These intend increase in the number of dependents on families and government. Some of these children who may not have proper care may forcefully become victims of social vices such as teenage pregnancy, school dropped-out, youth crimes, drug addicts and mental break down.

Secondly, road accident may reduce the developmental progress of a country. This is because most of the country’s resources are channelled into the avenue of campaign against road crash, securing future occurrences, construction of broken traffic and street lights and many more. Funds and resources that could help build the developmental status of a country like schools, portable drinking water, hospitals, creation of jobs and many more are all drained out due to road crash.

Furthermore, road crash reduces the country’s energetic human resources. The actual labour force of the country is reduced by means of road crash. For instance, Road accidents have become a thorn in the flesh of Ghanaians. Despite increased road safety campaigns, the rate at which accidents occur on our roads is very alarming. The passing away of Bishop Kwadwo Owusu and Ferdinand Ayim are critical cases in this point. Some honourable members of our August Parliament House such as Osei Kwaku and John Achuliwor and others suddenly departed due to motor accidents. Ghanaian celebrities such as Suzzy Williams, Terry Bonchaka and Kwame Owusu Ansah and the likes, who died in motor accidents, have indeed left a great vacuum in the Ghanaian Film and Music Industry. The death of the three medical neurologists at Bunsu Junction on the Accra-Kumasi motor road and in fact countless similar reported cases are still fresh in our memory. Media reports reveal that President Kuffour’s convoy had had at least 3 serious accidents since he assumed office in 2001. About six (6) security officers died in these accidents.

Many are those that could help build the development process of the country but unfortunately they are resting in the belly of the ground.

Pain and grieve endured in the eyes of people whose relatives, friends, and colleagues have died through road crash. These intend affect such people for ages psychologically and emotionally.

In as much as we believe that road accident is inevitable to society, globally, it has a great worry to the country as a result so many dynamics like human factors, mechanical factors, and environmental factors. If we are to combat this dangerous life threatening behaviour, we must increase resources to enforce laws in the country by assessing the highways. And secondly, we must support technological advances such as video cameras to target aggressive speeding drivers. Hefty fines for over-speeding always serve as deterrence to motorists.


Rules and Regulations

One of the first remedy required critical scrutiny is the laxity in our law enforcement. It is noted that, human error accounts for about eighty percent 80% of our road accidents but these could largely be solved by law enforcement. The Police official’s visibility must be strengthened in order to prevent drivers whose vehicles are faulty but are seen on roads. Drivers must enrol in driving schools and seek support from appropriate institutions in order to broaden their scope of proper road usage and techniques and also, gain an in-depth thoughtful of road use application. Institutions like the Drivers and Vehicle Licencing Authority (D.V.L.A) should be properly checked and measures should be put in place to prevent people from acquiring the drivers licence through illegal means. In addition to that, the use of mobile phone while driving must be sanctioned by Road Safety Commission. Drivers are required to have adequate rest, eschew (avoid) drugs and alcohol and fasten their belts before embarking on a long journey.

Road Users Guide Training

Acquiring knowledge and securing a better driving skills and attitude of observing road regulation through education is another way of fighting against road crash. Both drivers and pedestrians are required to broaden their understanding of traffic regulations. This can be achieved through education. Drivers must be educated that, it is advisable to break after driving for four (4) hours in order to avoid fatigue. In as much as accident is inevitable, measures must be taken to minimize the effects. The Road Safety Commission should introduced programmes in health management education for the various segments of the society ranging from post primary to tertiary and National Union of Drivers on how to render First Aids to accident victims. Every driver is supposed to have a First Aid kits in the vehicle.

Hospitals on their part, whether public or private, should not reject accident patients whenever they are being rushed in.

Road Engineering

Road engineering is considered as one of the measures or remedies of reducing or minimizing road accidents in Ghana. Road engineering can be referred to as the repairers and maintenance of bad roads networks, road potholes, slippery roads, wrong sited speed ramps, wrong bends or curvature of roads. All these errors on our roads are part of the contributing factors of accidents, hence when these are attended to by institutions that are responsible for action performance, then the total number of accident occurrence will be reduced.

Speed Checks

Speed checks by authorities and institutions such as the Ghana Police Service, the Motto Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) can reduce or minimize the occurrence of road accidents. This can be achieved by identifying speeding vehicles on the roads and thus, arresting them (drivers). The installation of video cameras to capture fast speeding vehicles and the regular checks of drivers drinking and usage of hard drugs substance will be an interest to the country.


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Japheth Jeffrey K. Appiah

Residents of Paradise, Gold Coast High Street; a suburb of Kasoa Nyanyano in the Central Region continue to live in fear as one of the ECG High Tension pole is near collapse as it is burnt to about 80%.

The high tension pole got burnt when a residence of the community tried burning off her solid waste.

In a related development around the same community, resistance results to the attitude of setting ablaze the over-grown weeds which breeds reptiles and other unfriendly creatures. The high tension pole holds in support a transfusion generator which supplies electricity power to the Paradise community and other neighboring environs.

In an interview with the Assembly man; who also doubles as the community Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Gomoa East and Upper Nyanyano Assembly, Hon. Richmond K. Arkorful Otoo, he stated that, the ECG high tension pole may take away lives if the situation is not addressed.

Speaking to, the Honorable member of the community further lamented, “I have personally make a formal complain to the Electricity Company of Ghana at Kasoa, and they promised of coming over to change the burnt pole.”

From investigation and report gathered by the news team, it was recorded that, the community members continue to live in fear as the burnt pole keeps posing danger especially to the school kids who always plight that jungle.

“I am sure ECG will rush out to change the pole when it falls and kills a soul”. The Honorable member added.

According to a report file by Shirley Asiedu-Addo on June 9, 2017, by the Graphic Online news portal, it stated that The Central Regional office of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) spent GH¢94,671.24 to replace electric poles burnt through bush fires in 2016, the office has stated.

According to the Regional Maintenance Engineer of the company, Mr William Coleman, the figure did not include the cost of labour and transport to carry out the exercise.

He stated that the company lost 78 high tension and 49 low tension poles across the 10 operational districts in the region, particularly in the Saltpond, Cape Coast, Assin Fosu and the Kasoa North districts.

Mr Coleman said the incessant setting of “unguarded fires” led to the burning of the poles.


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Le pays a été témoin d’une autre terrible tragédie de fortes pluies du 15 août 2017. Les maisons, les églises, les garages et les composés ouverts ont été submergés dans l’eau à la suite de la forte baisse versée. La pluie qui était accompagnée de vents denses a permis à la capitale trempée dans les eaux, alors que le trafic lourd sur les routes s’accumule. Pendant plus de dix-huit heures, toutes les activités commerciales s’étaient arrêtées avec des travailleurs piégés dans leurs différents bureaux. Certains bâtiments ainsi que des murs se sont effondrés rendant les occupants des maisons sans abri.

 Le maire de l’assemblée métropolitaine d’Accra, M. Adjei Sowah a décrit la situation comme critique et a appelé à une attention urgente. Il a déploré le fait que la cause des inondations était due à une mauvaise planification du règlement dans la capitale, des canalisations étouffées qui bloquent le système de drainage et quelques autres facteurs humains.



Certaines zones qui ont été profondément couvertes par l’inondation incluent Accra New Town, Weija, Achimota, Ablekuma et ses environs parmi de nombreux autres endroits. Dans les zones les plus touchées, les résidents ont perdu la plupart de leurs biens, y compris les téléviseurs, les systèmes de son, les meubles, les livres, les vêtements, pour n’en préciser que peu.

Toutes les maisons construites sur les voies d’eau exposées par les pluies ont été démolies depuis. La majorité des habitants concernés sont la résidence d’Ablekuma Abokobi, Abominya, Ada Panya, Afienya, Agbenyegakope, Agomeda, Ahanya, Ahwiam et Fanmilk Zone

Ablekuma est une banlieue de la capitale et peuplée d’une altitude estimée du terrain au-dessus du niveau de la mer de 45 mètres. La résidence est rendue sans abri et beaucoup d’autres perdent leur emploi et leur commerce. Le département de météorologie du Ghana a laissé entendre que la résidence et le public en général devraient s’abstenir de construire des voies d’eau.



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The country witnessed another terrific tragedy of heavy rains last 15th August, 2017. Houses, churches, garages and open compounds were submerged in water as a result of the heavy down poured. The rain which was accompanied with dense winds got the capital city soaked in waters as heavy traffic on the roads keeps accumulating. For more than eighteen hours, all commercial activities had come to a halt with workers trapped in their various offices. Some buildings as well as walls collapsed rendering the occupants of the houses homeless.

 The Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Mr. Adjei Sowah described the situation as critical and has called for an urgent attention. He lamented on the fact that, the cause of the flooding was as a result of improper planning of settlement in the Capital, choked gutters which block the drainage system and a few other human factors.

Some areas that were deeply covered by the flood includes Accra New Town, Weija, Achimota, Ablekuma and its environs among many other places. In the worse affected areas, residents lost most of their belongings, including television sets, sound systems, furniture, books, clothing, just to state few.

some residence looks on worried

All houses built on water ways as exposed by the rains have since been demolished. Majority of the local people affected are residence of Ablekuma Abokobi, Abominya, Ada Panya, Afienya, Agbenyegakope, Agomeda, Ahanya, Ahwiam and Fanmilk Zone.


Homes washed away by the floods

Ablekuma is a suburb of the Capital and populated with estimate terrain elevation above sea level of 45 metres. The residence are rendered homeless with many others losing their jobs and trade. The Ghana Meteorological Department has hinted that, residence and the general public should desist from building on water ways.


Houses being demolished by the City Authorities as residence looks on helpless


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La mode est un style populaire de croisière dans une perspective de concepteur pour déraciner la beauté de son statut. L’invention de la fabrication de chaussures a changé du style de vie primitif aux caractéristiques scientifiques du style de confort.L’esprit d’un entrepreneur de mise à l’échelle pour répondre à la nouvelle image de tendance du consommateur est soumis à la marque totale et à changer le visage de l’industrie de la fabrication de chaussures sur le continent.

Cet article est sur le point de célébrer l’un des meilleurs et pourtant à reprendre l’industrie de la fabrication de chaussures de notre génération.

Trap Company Limited est une marque de fabrication de chaussures appartenant à Ghanéen avec deux jeunes penseurs générationnels marqués comme fondateur et cofondateur.

Le lancement préliminaire de l’entreprise était une société de réparation de chaussures avec un démarrage de quatre travailleurs, qui au cours de la période a atteint jusqu’à quinze employés dévoués. Cela a été nourri au cours des années avec l’introduction de Trap Maintenance; Ainsi; La modernisation des chaussures anciennes et des chaussures en cuir. Passant des églises aux maisons, le rêve devient une réalité.”L’homme est à la mode en raison de son désir hérité de regarder bien. 

Les jeunes du monde entier deviennent conscients de la mode avec une touche de chaussure de classe standard, “monsieur Asante; Fondateur de Trap Company narré.La société True Reflection of African Product (TRAP), dans le passé, a surgi l’idée d’utiliser des matières premières telles que le jute et les coques de maïs dans la production de chaussures de classe standard qui en font une bonne source de revenus.

La société en aventure produit ses marchandises hors de la fibre dorée naturelle la plus abordable, qui n’est plus que du coton dans le monde. Le jute est une fibre végétale longue, douce et brillante, qui a été transformée en fils grossiers et solides. Il provient principalement de plantes du genre Corchorus et a une nature biodégradable tout comme le cornhusk.

En raison de la nature polyvalente de la fibre, il existe une forte demande du produit de jute sur le marché. Les clients sont assurés d’un produit de qualité durable.Les produits Trap sont respectueux de l’environnement et de la résistance à l’eau. Il produit juste pour résister aux conditions météorologiques dans le pays. Environ quatre-vingts pourcent (80%) de la matière première industrielle est récupérée localement. 

D’une manière générale, les chaussures en cuir se mouillent et se ruinent facilement en raison du changement de la configuration météorologique.Célébrant trois années de production et de service efficaces dans le pays, Trap Company Limited déjeune différentes séries pour répondre aux exigences croissantes de ses clients.Le cofondateur, Monsieur Papa Sika-Andoh nous a présenté la progression de l’usure TRAP. Ce sont des pantalons pièges, des pantoufles de jute et le maïs (chaussure cornhusk).

Tous ceux-ci viennent dans le modèle croisé et crossbar, orteil et modèle de croix française. Selon le fondateur, la société attend avec impatience l’introduction d’une autre série d’usure Trap et de «sacs de marché» lors de son troisième anniversaire avec une édition spéciale. Cela viendra sous différentes formes et nous espérons que les bons gens du Ghana l’aimeront. Il ajouta.

Trap Company Limited projette dans le futur une orientation de l’effort dans la sous-région avec ses idées d’affaires exceptionnelles et ses compétences novatrices en tant que société de fabrication de premier plan au cours des trois (3) prochaines années. La société de mode a des agents répartis dans cinq (5) régions au Ghana.

Les clients existants et nouveaux peuvent acheter leurs séries préférées en ligne via et gziffa. Com.




“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something; but I cannot accept not trying… Michael Jordan”

Fashion is a popular style of cruising in a designer outlook to uproot the beauty of one’s status.The invention of shoe making has changed from the primitive style of living to the scientific characteristics of comfort style.

An entrepreneur’s mind of scaling to meet the new trending picture of the consumer is subject to total branding and changing the face of the shoe making industry on the continent.

This article is poised to celebrate one of the finest and yet to take-over the industry of shoe making of our generation.

Trap Company Limited is a Ghanaian owned shoe-manufacturing brand with two youthful generational thinkers tagged as the Founder and Co-founder.

The preliminary launch of the business was a shoe repairing company with a start-up of four workers, which over the period has matured to fifteen dedicated staff. This nurtured over the years with the introduction of Trap Maintenance; thus; modernization of old shoes and leather footwear. Moving from churches to homes, the dream now turns into a reality.

“Man is fashionable because of his inherit desire to look good. Young people all over the world are becoming fashion conscious with a touch of a standard class shoe,” Mr. Asante; Founder of Trap Company narrated.

True Reflection of African Product (TRAP) Company, has over the past time,surfaced the idea of using raw materials such as jute and corn husks in producing a standard class shoes which makes it a good source of income.

The company in adventure produces its wares out of the most affordable natural golden fibre, which is second only to cotton in the world. Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre, which spun into coarse strong threads. It is produce primarily from plants in the genus Corchorus and has a biodegradable nature just as the cornhusk.


Crisscross Jute Slippers

Due to the versatile nature of the fibre, there is a high demand of the jute product on the market. Customers are assured of a long lasting quality product.

The Trap products are eco-friendly and water resistance. It is produce just to withstand the weather condition in the country. About eighty percent (80%) of the industrial raw material is fetched locally. Generally, leather shoes would get wet and ruin easily due to change of weather pattern.

Celebrating three years of effective production and service to the country, Trap Company Limited has lunch different series to meet the increasing demands of its customers.

The Co-Founder, Mr Papa Sika-Andoh introduced to us the various progression of the TRAP wear. These are Trap Butterfly, Jute slippers and The Maize (cornhusk shoe).

All these come in the crisscross and crossbar model, ring toe and French cross model. According to the founder, the company is looking forward of introducing another series of Trap wear and ‘market bags’ during its third anniversary with special edition. This will come in different forms and we hope the good people of Ghana will love it. He added.

Corn Husk Slippers                                   Jute Slippers in style

Trap Company Limited projects into the future an orientation of striving through the Sub-Region with its outstanding business ideas and innovative skills as a leading manufacturing company in the next three (3) years. The fashion company has agents spread through five (5) Regions in Ghana.


Jute crossbar model

Existing and new customers can purchase their favourite series online via and gziffa. com.


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The true entrepreneur is a doer not a dreamer (Nolan Bushnell) 

Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical. (Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks) 

THE Pentecost International Worship Centre, Kasoa is the venue set to host its first and maiden classic Entrepreneurs’ Breakfast Conference June 3, 2017. It is said that, the real entrepreneurs who are the drivers of change in the economy, plan strategically to stay above competition by applying the right quantum of knowledge and skills.

The CEO of Trap International Company, Mr. George Asante brainstorm with entrepreneurs giants, who over two decades have chop success while striving to set up a business on their own. 

The conference on Entrepreneurial Management Start-up business, is to provide a unique forum for focusing on entrepreneurial finance and entrepreneurial actualization.

In addition to keynote addresses, papers and panel discussions that highlight current insights from the practitioner community, the breakfast conference will rectitude Plaque of Honour to a business mogul and a man of versatility thoughts; Mr. S. K. Boafo.

This historic event will pursue the avenue of a pull up stand of about 50 participant summon a ten (10) round breakfast table.

Several industry participants will also take part in the discussion, among them are Elder S. K. Boafo, a celebrated Ghanaian business mogul, Philip Ashon of Citi fm, the Proprietor of Pink fm, Founder of Cosmopolitan foods and a banker will also share some amazing thoughts with us and among many others. 

The maiden program is lightened to have the following as its sponsors: 

Trap International Company

Celc International

Focus Mind

Cosmopolitan Foods

(More sponsors to come soon)

The breakfast conference will have three (3) dedicated panellist with Samuel Gyampo moderating. Tickets will be sold for GH₵30.00, hence, interested participants are required to purchase on time to book their seat.  



Japheth Jeffrey K. Appiah writes

It’s always fun and much debating especially when one trills in a style of silk voice melting into the ears of listeners.

Society embraces the tendencies of natural flow when singing most especially without instrument.

An all-male quintet group with talent and passion built from within; explore more from the cheers of the audience when they sing without instrument.

Friendz_Acappella is a contemporary Christian acappella group with the passion to sing and amazingly have a couple of recordings to their track records.

With their entertaining shows, they have managed to popularize acappella as a musical style in their local zones through a perfect combination of songs and humour and a repertory of high quality music from both national and international sources.



Friendz_Acappella strong vocal performance, which runs the whole array of emotions has dazzled audiences in a vast number of concert halls, theatres, church conferences and private events.

True to their profession, the group’s chosen name, Friendz_Acappella, referred to how close these friends could impact “the word” and “change lives” through singing.

Masterminding the champion of their talents, some individual members have equally release their own recordings to add up to the credit of the group. These include; Elder George, Brother Samson just to state a few.



The group has been in existence since 2012 and have performed at various events including Acapraise, In His Presence concept just to mention few.

Friendz_Accapella has to its credit an album titled “Sumsum Kronkron”. This is to inspire souls and draw them more close to the Thrown of Grace.



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Japheth Jeffrey K. Appiah writes ……………….

A journey of excitement and ecstasy, a journey of fun and a moment to recall the total travel experience of an adventure was all about exploring the beautiful Ghanaian city on water- Nzulezo.

The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) of the Kasoa Branch last weekend, March 3 and 4, 2017; explored to the outskirt of their geographical hood by travelling all night long to the isolated city in the Western Region of Nzema land known as Nzulezo.



The stunning panorama of the over three century old stilt strut water settlement of Nzulezo, built on Lake Tadane in the Western Region, stands out as a magnificent interplay between nature and beauty. The hamlet is positioned in the Amansuri wetland and accessible to the public only by foxhole canoe from the town of Beyin to the Ivorian border.

The PIWC team departed from its church premises at about 11pm Friday night of 3rd March, and arrived Saturday morning at exactly fifteen minutes pass eight (8:15 GMT).



The leaders and organizers of the trip, including Mr. George Asante and Ernest Obeng Apau assured the team of an exclusive travel experience.



I must really admit that, Nzulezo is a nice place to be. It adds up to Ghana’s rich tourist and culture experience.


Speaking to, a village folk educated the team that, the very place were tourist take rest to wait for a boat before entering into the actual town is called Bentinibu. “Benti” is an Nzema word for Palm tree and “Nibu” is the depth root of the said palm nut tree.



About 99.99% of all the structures raised in the town are constructed of tick bamboo and other hard wood bench.





The path way leading to Bentinibu has eventually been swallowed by the seen Dark water with crystal beach-like sand. A tourist will have no choice but to “marry” the cold dark water with his bare foot submerge in it.




The site of Bentinibu to Nzulezo surrounds many numerous canoes. The number of passengers contain in a boat determines the actual size of such craft. Normally, the big boats are enough to carry about five to six adults.



These ‘water vehicles’ carry on-board passengers through the mangrove forest and across Lake Tadane to the village. For a tourist to feel more adventurous, they are required to frequently assist in paddling the canoes. Many of the PIWC team had an adventure time paddling the ‘water cars’ for the first time. Passengers on board would have to continually scoop water from the boat to prevent it from sinking.



An Elder welcomed the team when we paid our homage to the Church of Pentecost-Nzulezo Assembly. The Elder first narrated to us that, according to an oral history, the village was constructed some five (500) hundred years ago by migrants from Walata, a city in Pre-historic Ghana Empire which was the earliest of the Western Sudanese States.

The people of Nzulezo migrated from Mali because of war. They resided at a gold dominion grounds until one day, some aliens decided to come and live with them on the land so they could have access to the gold. When they protested, there was conflict and in order to have their peace, they decided to progress to a more serene setting were the enemy could not attack them.

Led by a ‘God’, who took the form of a big snail, they moved to find a place where they could have their peace. The snail is therefore a totem and sacrosanct by the people of Nzulezo.

Only one person could talk to the “Holy Being”. Forty-three households undertook the journey from Mali through Burkina Faso to settle at Wenchi and Techiman, and then to Shama and Esipon, in the Western Region before eventually settling at the present location. Some of the households settled along the way. They built rafts on the Lagoon and settled but they soon discovered that strong winds in the area caused frequent fire outbreaks so some of them moved to settle at the other side of the Lagoon (Abbey Lagoon).

They discovered the present site when Muga, a farmer in their group, went out one day to look for a land to farm and found the place, which looked more peaceful with no strong wind.

The people of Nzulezo now intermarry with the Nzemas ethnic group. Their original language “Wusere” has given in to the common local language, Nzema.

The only other people in the West African Sub-region who live on a stilt village are the Ganvie people of the republic of Benin.

The Elder further added that, the main activities of its inhabitants are agriculture, while the fishery plays a secondary role including brewing of local gin (Akpeteshi).

The physical appearance of the town explains its meaning. Nzulezo means sitting on water. So it is a village or town on water.



The village is ruled by a chief who presides over criminal offences and other unruly behaviours in the community. The village residents make a couple of different souvenirs that are available for purchase. The most common one is a hand-carved mini canoe of about 15cm long sold to tourists and visitors for a rate of GH₵5.



The village has a spot for entertainment, which has in stock both soft and hard drinks. As at the time of our arrival, some village folks had already gathered in the spot and dancing to various Ghanaian music tunes.

The community members have found it redeem to raise a structure of rest known as guest house. Speaking to one community member about the patronage of the guest house, Master Kwame whispered; ‘Its one avenue of putting money in our pockets. Somebody will also need rest when he or she visits our town. So the guest house is very important.’

For what I saw in Nzulezo, I can conclude that, every member in the town owns a boat to enable him/her free movement to other neighbouring villages. One other important fact gathered was, it is believed that, children in the community would never be drowned once the ritual of dropping the child three times into the Amanzuri Lagoon is performed.



The Pentecost International Worship Centre of the Kasoa branch donated wholesomely to the Pentecost Church of the Nzulezo Assembly. The items donated include clothes and other materials. The leader also presented an undisclosed amount of money on behalf of the team.






Those who seek adventure should visit Nzulezo.

The writer is a Broadcast Journalist and a freelancer with jeffreykaynews. Views expressed here solely remain his opinion.


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Ghana, as a developing country, is facing a lot of rapid urbanization issues in its major cities. The city of Accra in the past few years is growing past its boundaries due to the fact that, people are migrating from the rural areas of Ghana into the urban areas because of the changing status of the capital city; Accra.

The progressive developments being the structures and other social infrastructures compel the rural folks to migrate to the city in search of job opportunities and better living conditions.

Good road networks, drainage systems, Adome-liked foot bridges, electricity power and water supply, waste disposal and housing projects are some of the basic needs and infrastructure which equally make the ordinary person feels ease in the city of Accra.

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This trend, has given rise to the growth of sub-urban residential areas within the city of Accra such as West and North Legon, East and Southern part of Legon, Adenta, Spintex, East Airport, Weija, Michelle Camp, Amasaman, Ablekuma, to mention but a few.

The rate of the population in growth has put a lot of pressure on the city’s housing and infrastructure such as roads, water, electricity, sanitation, refuse collection and so on.

images (3)

According to a study conducted by the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) and the Government of Ghana in 1999, it was estimated that, the government should be able to provide between 110,000 to 140,000 housing units every year. As at 2002, only about 30,000 units were being provided.

There is continues increase in the banking sector in the country, and Accra stands out to be the headquarters of this institutions. Banks are financial intermediaries that accept deposits and they add up to the developing chapter of Accra. This makes business transaction so easy especially when one lives in Accra.

Skyscrapers, modern architecture and glass buildings are springing up everywhere in the capital city. A casual tour of the capital centre and other suburbs reveals a fast developing city with massive cranes of all colours at various construction sites all over the city.

images (1)

Places worthy of note are the Airport City close to the Kotoka International Airport, where developers are constructing more structures to change the face of Accra. Office spaces, malls and shops, high rise apartments, towers, just to state a few are springing up by the day.

While the Police Hospital and the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, popularly referred to as the Ridge Hospital, are still a beehive of activities which are geared at expanding and upgrading facilities to international standards, some roads have also seen a major face lift.

The 37 Burma Camp to Trade Fair road seems to have taken inspiration from the N1 (George Walker Bush Highway).

There is also the three-tier Kwame Nkrumah Circle interchange which after its historic inauguration on November 14 has eased the difficulties pilling traffic sense. The interchange is estimated to have cost 74 million Euros and was funded by the government of Ghana and the Brazilian government. Brazilian company Gueiroz Galvao construction was awarded the contract.


These developments are to serve the interest and betterment of the good people of Ghana.

Just like the famous Oliver Twist yelled…….. We want more.